Dr. Venky is doing a fantastic job. Completely reliable when it comes to pain relief, questions related to therapy, recovery. Please do visit. Have fun. Get well soon.

Pranesh Rajendran

Dr. Venky is probably the most honest, patient and respectful doctor I have ever met. Diane is extremely helpful and accommodating to our needs. The PT’s and Assistants are very competent and attentive. Overall the practice is very well run and I would highly recommend Main Street Physical Therapy to everyone!

Sarina Raffa

I have received physical therapy here for my back and neck for the last few months and it's coming to an end as I have six more weeks of treatment. The physical therapists are attentive and just great. The therapy has really helped me in getting better. I recommend Main Street Physical Therapy with flying colors!

nitosha parham dickerson

Goodbye Pain, Hello Freedom.

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